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ISOL INTERNATIONAL ® offers you the widest choice of professional machines for blowing, wet spraying and vacuuming of insulating products.

Functionality : Blowing and insufflation
Use : Professional
Power supply : electric 230v mono 16 A
Fiber flow : jusqu’à 600 kgs
Functionality : Blowing and insufflation
Use : Professional
Motors : Card motor: 1,5 kw / Air motor (3): 4,5 kw / Motorised drive: 1,1 kw
Fiber flow : from 1000kgs to 1800kgs/h
Functionality : Soufflage, projection et insufflation
Use : Professional
Power supply : 2 air motors (booster)
Fiber flow : up to 1000kgs/h

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Nos machines soOur machines are developed and manufactured in our French workshops in Conflans Sainte Honorine and Tresses.
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Our premises


Our technical teams welcome you in our main workshop in Conflans Sainte Honorine (78700) where more than 1500 m² are entirely dedicated to the design and development of our machines as well as in the ISOL Workshop located in Tresses (33370) where we also receive you for the maintenance and repair of your ISOL INTERNATIONAL® equipment.


Visio assistance

Our maintenance team is available to listen to you, provide assistance and expertise for the optimal use of your ISOL INTERNATIONAL® brand blowing, wet spraying and insufflation equipment on your insulation projects.

WhatsApp 06 66 13 53 11


 Our partner ISOL SCHOOL® offers you training courses in insulation by blowing in loose thermo-acoustic insulation, pneumatic spraying of mineral fibres with a binder and spraying of coatings in paste products. These training courses will be delivered by qualified trainers, insulation professionals with many years of experience.

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