Blowing machines

ISOL INTERNATIONAL® offers the widest range of professional blowing machines for loft and crawl space insulation. All our equipment is designed for optimum application and complies with the rules laid down by the DTU.45.11. ISOL INTERNATIONAL® blowing machines: from the small, foolproof blowing machine to the carding machines offering the most competitive outputs compatible with all the insulation products on the market.


Shrinkwrapper for all products par excellence – blowing and insufflation – the most efficient flow rates on the market – perfect flow regularity thanks to its uncapping arm – 400V three-phase, 4 air motors


The powerful carder with the most impressive output – total autonomy thanks to its diesel generator – dust extraction and filtration in the tank – 4 new generation air motors


The only machine in the insulation market that combines blowing and suction for all flock insulation products – 230 V single phase