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Our Machines

The ISOL INTERNATIONAL® brand insulation material currently consists of the most complete and innovative range on the market of machines for blowing, blowing (injection), suction and pneumatic projection of mineral fibers with binder and projection of coatings with pasty products.


    The versatile machine specially designed for blowing and vacuuming all flake insulation and is easily transportable.


      The blowing machine specially designed for blowing Knauf Insulation glass wool. Perfect for blowing Supafil Loft and Thermo Loft.

      KI BREATH 2+

        Comfortable blowing with its tray specially designed for Knauf Insulation glass wool.


          Innovation at the service of recycling! Its strengths: The T-MAX is the first vacuum machine designed to remove and recycle all old insulation in bulk and in rolls in… Read more "T-MAX

          ISO 50

            The ISO 50 carding machine is equipped with a card allowing ultra-fine adjustment of the fiber, for an optimal finish in wet thermal and fire spraying of insulating and thermo-acoustic products... Read more "ISO 50


              FOR MORE INFORMATION, go to This versatile carder has an improved loading platform as well as a radio remote control, essential equipment for experienced designers. The JetSpray All In One Thermal solution… Read more "GM2+

              compact 3

                FOR MORE INFORMATION, go to Machine No. 1 on the market and best-selling in France, it is personalized in the colors of KNAUF INSULATION and is designed for blowing and… Read more "compact 3

                TWISTER 2

                  The most powerful three-phase 400 V carder in blowing and insufflation compatible with all insulating products on the market. Isol'r responds to specific requests dedicated to insulation in… Read more "TWISTER 2

                  MINIJET SP

                    The MINIJET SP machine is intended for wet spraying and insulation of fibreglass, rock, cellulose, and low density sprayable products etc. A… Read more "MINIJET SP