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Insufflation machines

compact max

    The new 100% French-made COMPACT MAX carding machine offers the advantages of a small footprint for a MAX of possibilities. This machine is the only one on the insulation market allowing the blowing and insufflation of ALL INSULATORS in flakes, at the most efficient flow rates in 230v single-phase.


      The ISO 50 Injection carding machine is equipped with a card allowing ultra-fine adjustment of the fiber, for an optimal finish in thermal and fire wet spraying, but also the perfect filling of wool in the smallest cavities. For the blowing in the chimney pipes in particular, our European friends trust the authenticity and the quality of the know-how made in France 🇫🇷

      Twister 2

        The most powerful 2×230 V carder in blowing and insufflation compatible with all insulating products on the market – 2×230 V single-phase, 3 air motors


          We are pleased to present our new carding machine model, the TWISTER MAX. This new machine has the same characteristics that make the TWISTER 2 so successful, but with an enlarged hopper for an even greater throughput (up to 1,5 tonnes/h)!


            The wet blasting machine recognized as the most precise on the market thanks to its unique carding system – 2×230 V single-phase, 2 air motors

            Maxi 3

              The most powerful general-purpose insulation machine on the market in 230v – wet spraying, blowing and blowing at extreme flow rates – 230v mono, 2 air motors, loading platform optimized for unrivaled working comfort