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    Functionality : Blowing and suction
    Power supply : 1 motor 230 V – 16 A single phase
    Fiber flow : 350kg/h in suction or 500kg/h in blowing
    Weight : 90kg
    Price : ROB from 92€ HT / month*
    Sale price : from 3900,00€ HT
    * Monthly payment for a lease with purchase option, subject to the agreement of our partner financing organization.

    The MULTISPEED is designed for blowing and vacuuming ALL types of flock insulation: rock wool, glass wool, cellulose wadding, cotton wool, wood fibre, cardboard, etc. Its small footprint, and its raised and enlarged loading platform, make it particularly easy to use.

    It is also equipped with a radio remote control and a suction kit, ideal for removing old loose insulation from lost attics (easy storage in big bags specially designed for this purpose). This machine has a low power consumption and can be connected to any 230 volt single-phase socket.