At ISOL INTERNATIONAL®, a specialist in innovative insulation equipment, we are committed to honouring the reputation that has characterised our company for many years.

The world of insulation is constantly evolving, so it is essential for us to be at the cutting edge of new technologies, in order to be able to respond to the various constraints and expectations of our customers. We need to move forward and innovate.

This is why the ISOL INTERNATIONAL® technical teams in our Conflans Sainte Honorine (78700) and Tresses (33370) branches, in close collaboration with our design office, regularly design and invent new techniques and solutions, all of which are patented internationally:

The ISOL FINISH® device is a unique system patented under the number FR0903325. This innovative process used by ISOL INTERNATIONAL® revolutionizes your flocking sites because it allows you to achieve a perfectly smooth finish in the activity of wet spraying of fibrous insulating products, whatever the thickness applied. The thin layer is classified A1 and has a density of only 92kg/m3 for a lambda of 0.0357. With a 25L can of ISOL FINISH® thinning solution, you can achieve 500 m2 of aesthetic flocking with a thickness of 2 cm. We are already offering demonstrations of this exceptional new process, which is suitable for all fibrous products on the market and can be easily used only with your ISOL INTERNATIONAL® brand spray machine

Here is the list of brands and products compatible with this process :

The rigid brush defibration device is a new process for the de-compaction of the blowing wool, specially designed for the ISOL INTERNATIONAL® brand carding machines. This patented process allows an optimized blowing thanks to the automatic decompaction of the flocked insulation, and considerably reduces the risk of blocking when blowing particularly compact loose products, or in the case of insulation made up of long fibres.

VThe following is a non-exhaustive list of products that are compatible with this process :

Our teams are currently working on new innovations, soon to be patented, which will guarantee the creative authenticity of the ISOL INTERNATIONAL® brand.

More than ever, ISOL INTERNATIONAL® is the reference brand in Europe for innovative insulation equipment.