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The Isol International® brand of insulation equipment currently comprises the most complete and innovative range of machines for blowing, insufflation (injection), suction and pneumatic spraying of mineral fibres with binder and spraying of coatings with paste-like products on the market.

The Isol International® brand is recognised in France and internationally as a leader in innovative insulation equipment. Our blowing machines and carding machines are the only ones that are really all products. Some of our models such as the COMPACT 3, the TWISTER 2 and the MINI GM 2 are today’s best-sellers in the insulation market and the reference for quality machines.

All of our equipment is patented in order to protect our customers from the frequent inconvenience of counterfeiting. For example, we have patented the ISOL FINISH® mixer, which provides a perfect finish in wet spray insulation, for fire protection and thermal insulation. Also, the engineers in our design office and the technicians in our two Isol International® design workshops have worked on the unique system of defibration of insulation using rotating brushes, a process which has been patented internationally. This considerable innovation for the blowing wool market allows our equipped machines to blow ALL FLOCKS INSULATION PRODUCTS (loose) and of all brands, including all bio-sourced products (glass wool, rock wool, cotton wool, cellulose wadding, wood fibres, sheep’s wool, cork, etc).

Our many manufacturing partners can confirm the performance of our equipment, which is unanimously accepted on the market for insulation of lost attics by blowing, blowing into cavity walls, and wet spraying of fibrous and pasty products: 

Cellulose wadding : OuatecoOuateco, Ouateco nature – Ouateco, Univercell +Soprema, ThermacellSoprema, Cellulose IglooIgloo, CellaouateCellaouate, OuattitudeOuattitude, ThermoflocThermofloc, Jetfib ouateJetfib.

Cotton wool : FilécoOuateco, CotonwoolBuitex industrie, Nita-cotton RMT insulation, Métisse floconMétisse le relais.

Glass wool : Thermo loftKnauf insulation, Supafil loftKnauf insulation, Isolene 4Isover, Flocolène Isover, ComblissimoIsover, Puls’r 47Ursa, ThermocousticUrsa, SuperglassSuperglass, Souffl’r 47Ursa.

Rock wool : Jet rock 2Rockwool, RockprimeRockwool, Rockair 2Rockwool.

Wood wool : ThermofibreGutex, Steico zellSteico.

Cork : EfiperlSoprema, VermexSoprema.

Sheep’s wool : V10NANaturlaine.

Hemp fibre : Jetfib naturJetfib.

Thanks to the high-performance, 100% French-made Isol International® brand equipment, eco-insulators specialising in energy renovation have the best equipment to carry out their work in accordance with the rules of the trade and enable their customers to make significant energy savings (heating).

Training with awareness of DTU 27.1 (Coatings by pneumatic projection of mineral slag fibres with binder), DTU 27.2 (Coatings by projection of pasty products), DTU 45. 11 (Thermal insulation of attics by blowing loose insulation) is possible on all ISOL International® brand machines by the approved partner centre ISOL SCHOOL® (, a member of the Syndicat National de l’Isolation (SNI), which offers you a professional training course that can be financed to enable you to obtain and renew the RGE qualification:

  • AT THE TRAINING CENTRE in Conflans Sainte Honorine – 78700.
  • ON YOUR PREMISES or ON SITE (subject to conditions) – start-up, general explanation of the operation of the equipment, adjustments and maintenance of bulk thermo-acoustic blowing equipment, pneumatic spraying of mineral fibres with binder and coatings by spraying pasty products.

Isol International® is also a specialist in custom-made equipment: prototypes, unique parts made by 3D printing, machines designed specifically for certain applications such as lint filling (padding), blowing into chimney ducts or wet spraying of two-component materials such as SprayTec® by Ovacon.

In addition, Isol International® is an approved distributor for PRAMAC, generators adapted to our equipment, which are added to the list of our accessories that are always available, such as: wear parts (sealing strips, blades, rings, etc.), measuring pigs that comply with the DTU, maintenance kits.

The Isol International® teams are known for their reactive after-sales service via video assistance and their ability to listen to the needs of professionals.

Isol International® is not afraid of being compared to the competition, quite the contrary! We offer our equipment as a “Discovery Offer” so that you can compare our equipment before choosing.