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    Functionality : Blowing
    Power supply : 16KVA generator integrated in 400v three phases
    Motors :
    – Card motor : 1,5 kw
    – Air motors (4) : 6 kw
    – Motorised drive : 1,9 kw
    – Reductor mixer : 1.1 kw
    Fiber flow : up to 3000 kg/h depends on the product
    Weight : 1300kg
    Dimensions (m) : 2,00×1,33×2,11
    Hose diameter : 100 mm ou 120 mm
    Price : ROB from 465€ HT / month*
    Sale price : contact us
    * Monthly payment for a lease with purchase option, subject to the agreement of our partner financing organization.

    The Titan carder is a super-powerful blowing machine with extreme performance with all the insulating products on the market. It offers total autonomy thanks to its diesel generator as well as unequaled working comfort by the suction and filtration of all the dust in the tank.